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The 108 Thirthams - Holy Showers and Waterfalls

  • 108 Thirthams - Holy Showers and Waterfalls


Venkatadri is 240 miles in length by 24 miles in breadth. Because it stretches to a vast area, there are number of lakes, waterfalls, showers etc. in the hills. Of these, the tank Swamipushkarini is the most important. By sprinkling the waters of this lake all sins are washed away. Many have had miraculous cures of their physical and mental disorders. The water is superchanged with the Abiseka Thirtham of the Lord from the inner shine.

There are many legends associated with this famous water tank. One of the ancient legends relates how a maniac was recovered to normal sanity by bathing in the waters of Swamipushkarini. Once upon a time there was a powerful king in the Lunar dynasty (Chandra Varma) by Name Nanda. He had a son by name Dharma Guptha. When Dharma Guptha became an accomplished prince, Nanda went to the forests for doing penance for the rest of his life.

One day Dharma Guptha went into the forest for hunting. Until the dusk he wandered and finally he was very much tired. As darkness was pervading all things, he decided to spend that night climbing up a tree-top. When Dharma Guptha was resting on the tree a bear driven by a lion came to the spot. Quickly the bear climbed the tree and spoke to Dharma Guptha in human language. "O King! Do not fear. You can safely sleep under my lap until the midnight. Then I shall rest on the lap." The king agreed to this.

When the king was sleeping on the Bear's lap, the lion roared and implored to the bear. "Will you please throw that man down. I am hungry, I well eat him and leave you free". The bear refused to do that and was vigilantly guarding the sleeping king. A little later, the king woke up. Then the bear slept on the lap of the king. The lion standing beneath the tree prayed to the king to roll down the bear, so that it will have is prey and leave the king free.

The king acceded to this. He let down the bear. Fortunately the bear woke up and caught a branch of the tree. Then the bear spoke to the king "O king you have breached my trust. I am not a bear but a Brahmin of Brugu Maharishi's lineage. By some strange curse I have been transformed into a bear. For your deception, you will be a maniac and shall wander deprived of your kingly status.

Dharma Guptha thus became mentally disordered. He wandered in the forests and hills. The minister of Dharma Guptha wondered what had happened to their king. They searched for him and finally informed their former King Nanda. Nanda then consulted the Superseer Jaimin. By his superphysical sight Jaimin saw what had happened to Dharma Guptha and he informed his where about. Jaimini also suggested Nanda to take his son Dharma Guptha on a pilgrimage to Tirumalai Hillls and bathe him in the tank Swamipushkarini.

Accordingly Nanda took his son to the Venkatadri and him in the temple tank, whereby Dharma Guptha came to normal mental health. Later Dharma Guptha became a great devotee of the Lord and offered various gifts to the temple. Swamipushkarini is said not only to ward off evil or malignant influences, but also give longevity in addition to wealth and status.

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