Tirupati Tirumala Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple history

The 108 Thirthams - Holy Showers and Waterfalls

Sacred Thirthams in Tirumala


As per the various Puranas like Brahma Puranaa, Padma Puranaa, Naradiya Purana, Vamana Purana and other Puranas, As per the history about 66 crores of holy theerthams are there in the seshachala hills. All Holy teerthams of Tirupati Tirumala are famous for their sacredness and divinity.

There are 108 theertham holy waterfalls around thirumala which is located around widespread seshachalam hills, but most of them are not accessible through road, one should trek little deep into seshachalam hill ranges and few of theme are very very difficult to reach.

Popular thirthams in tirumala are listed below