Dress Code in Tirumala

Tirupati Balaji Temple Dress Code

TTD Implemented Dress Code for Devotees and VIPs in Tirumala Tirupati

TTD Dress Code


Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam Announced that proper dress code should be followed by devotees and VIPs, who have been entering Tirupati Tirumala Temple.

Modern Outfits like Bermudas, Shorts, Mini-skirts, Middies, Sleeveless tops, Low-waist jeans and Short-length T-shirts are not allowed for devotees to wear inside the temple. Those people will not allowed inside Tirupati Temple. Woman devotee should wear Saree or Chudidar. Also Male Devotee should Wear dresses like Shirt and Dhoti. Normal Formal Dresses like Shirt and Pants are also allowed. TTD implented this rules very strictly. Devotees should wear traditional dresses to get darshan from Lord Venkateshwara.

If any devotee entering the temple, without dresscode, he or she will be advised to change the dress before entering the temple Queue. Now the VIPS have been made to follow the rules. Step by step, rules will be followed by general devottes also. Main objective of this dress code is to make all devotees for concentrating on God Alone, after entering the temple. Also, Foreigners visting Tirupati Tirumala should follow this dress code.