Hair offering in Tirumala

How to do mundan in tirupati tirumala

Hair offerings in Tirumala

Hair offering in Tirumala TTD

Hair Offering / Tonsuring procedures in tirumala

At Tirumala lakhs of devotees have a practice of tonsuring in order to fulfill their vows / promise to the lord, It is also said it is a symbolic sacrifice of the ego. .

This tonsuring place is called Kalyana Katta and here tonsuring is done at free of cost, Both men and women go for head shave or give a peice of their hair to fulfill their vows.

Procedure to Perform hair offerings

Tonsuring to be done before going for Lord Balaji Darshan
Token with room number will be issued along with one blade in Kalyanakatta, Pilgrimage has to go to the respective room and go for mundan.
After mundan once has to bath, wear dress as per the dress code and then can proceed to temple.


Location of Hair Offering and Timings

Lots of Tonsuring center is available in tirumala which is called Kalyana Katta

Timing for Mundan / Tonsuring

S.No Hair Offering Location in Tirumala Tirumala Hair Offering Timings
1 Main Kalyanakatta (Opp. Annadhanam Complex) 24 hours
2 Kalyaana Katta 2 (Near Main Kalyanakatta) 24 hours
3 Rambagicha Guest House (Near Main Balaji temple) 6 am – 6 pm
4 Sri Venkateshwara Guest House 6 am – 6 pm
5 Padmavathi Guest House 6 am – 6pm
6 Pilgrim Amenities Complex I (Opp: Tirumala Bus stand) 6 am – 9 pm
 7 Hill View Kalyanakata 6 am – 6 pm
8 M.B.C Guest House Kalyanakatta 6 am – 6 pm
9 Varahaswamy Guest House 6 am – 9 pm
10 NGGH Kalyanakatta 6 am – 6 pm
11 Panchajanyam Kalyanakatta 6 am – 6 pm
12 Koustubham Guest House Kalyanakatta 6 am – 6 pm
13 SMC Kalyanakatta 6 am  – 6 pm
14 TBC Kalyanakatta 6 am – 6 pm
15 PAC II Kalyanakatta (Opp: Tirumala Bus stand) 6 am – 9 pm
Hair Offering Location in Tirupati Town
1 Kapila Theertham ( Anjaneya Swamy temple Behind) 6:30 am – 5:30 pm