Tirupati Tirumala Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple history

Modern Tirupati Tirumala Part 1

In this essentially high spiritual atmosphere people from all walks of life, all religions and faiths, all creeds, from all over the world, mix in the throng of pilgrims to sing the glory of the Lord of the Seven hills.


The legend has it that the Deity is svayambhu (literally has come forth from the Earth itself). The origin of the Deity is said to be pre-historic and hence lost in antiquity, but the central shrine was built in the 4th century BC by the Greater Pallavas
The Lord of the Seven Hills has been referred to the Rig Veda, The oldest literature-extant. The Venkatachala Mahatmyam contains lore from twelve mahapuranas.
The temple has been patronized by royalty from time immemorial. The Pallava, Chola and Pandya kings tried to out do one another in endowing the temple with riches, valuable ornaments and their patronage.
It was however, during the reign of the Vijayanagar Kings that the number and value of these offerings reached their peak.