Tirupati Tirumala Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple history

Modern Tirupathi Tirumala

Lord Venkatesa remained at the Venkata hills in the Eastern Ghats - untouched by invaders and undistributed by the ravages of time.


The countless legends and myths from such misty antiquity as the beginning of Kali yuga bestow to the temple an aura of compelling sanctity.

The holiest of the 108 pilgrim centers, Tirumalai Hills snugly nestles in the Eastern Ghats surrounded by hills. The unique temple impregnated with the spirit of ancient seers in reported to be the richest in the world (the greatest money-spinner, the temple hundi alone collects annually Rs.18 crores.

Mystical vibration surrounds everyone in the chanting of the dawn invocation know as "Suprabhatham" to the Lord, in the twinkle of the temple bells; in the fragrance of sandal paster and camphor; in the heavy, smoky scent of incense all these blending together to raise the restless mind to an experience of intense spiritual awareness.