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Papavinasanam Theertham


Papavinasanam Theertham Tirumala Tirupati 

Long long ago a Brahmin by name Bhadramathy lived with his six wives and several children. He was a pious Brahmin, although he like most Brahmins lived in dire poverty.
He was basically endowed with little properties and as he aged he felt the need for supporting his large family more and more. He was also much hit by the polygamy he had.

One day one of his wives by name Yesovathy wanted to put an end to her husband's financial worries. "Dear! Of all the charities, I am told, bhudhanam (Offering land-gift) is said to be in the highest. It is capable of giving all types of wealth to the giver. By bathing in the Papavinasanam at the Venkatadri hills and offering bhudhanam, we can end away out poverty once for all. We can attain also total redemption from all kinds of bondages."

Strongly influenced by her words, the pious Brahmin went to a nearby village and secured five feet land. He went to the Venkata hills and in the holy Papavinasanam Waterfalls. He gave away the land he secured to someone there.
The lord was pleased to know this. He appeared before him and granted all wealth and enriched his entire family.