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Potter Attains Moksha


Potter Attains Moksha in Tirumala Tirupati 

Nearer to the Venkatadri Hills in a small village a potter lived with his wife. He was not a rich man but a great devotee of the Lord.

The Lord Appeared in the dreams of the King Thondaiman and told about this potter. The King was curious to know about this poor man.

One day the King visited the potter's house. By his wanderings he was much tired and feels unconscious when he reached the potter's house. The potter tried to relieve the king from his loss of consciousness. Then the Lord also appeared there.

The potter's wife offered water to the Lord in a mud pot. The Lord accepted it and gave them Moksha.
This story illustrates the truth that even if one does not offer anything but his devotion to the Lord. He accepts it and grants whateer one may aspire for.