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Tirupati Balaji Temple Purataasi Month Importance

Importance of Puratassi Masam


Importance of Puratassi Masam 

Puratassi is one of the important and sixth month of Tamil Calendar and September in English month. Devotees believed that Lord Balaji came to earth on this Puratassi month. During Poorattadhi Stars, Fullmoon will appear in puratassi masam. Tamil People consider Purtassi Masam as important month.

People believed that Puratassi Masam is the perfect month for taking Lord Vishnu. During this month, Devotees won't take Non Vegetarian, Alcohol and Smoking. Some devotees will be in fasting every day at puratassi masam. But some devotees will limited their fastings in saturdays of this month alone.During this month, Men will wear Namam in their fore head and Women will wear Red Dot. Lot of Festivals like Vijayadhasami, Saraswati Pooja and Durga Navaratri will celebrated in Puratassi Masam every year.