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Rama Krishna Theertham Tirumala Tirupati 

Ramakrishna Theertham in Tirumala is one of the popular theertham and Tourist Attraction in Tirumala Hills is located at 10km to the north of Lord Venkateswara Temple.

History or Rama Krishna Theertham

A young Brahmin lived in a village. He wanted to be a Brahmacharin (Bachelor) all thorough his life and attain moskha. His name was Ramakrishna. He was well versed in the Vedas. One day a yogic master came to the house of Ramakrishnan and advised him to marry and live a normal life. But Ramakrishnan wanted to be a ideal Bachelor and attain Moksha.

The yogic master advised him to go the Venkata hills and perform penance. He then taught him a mantra for his meditation
Later Ramkrishnan went to the hills. He sat in his meditation day after day. Months passed by. An ant-hill formed by his side. The king of angels Indra poured rain and thunder of Ramakrishnan. But nothing could disturb him. By his luxurious life he spent all his wealth and finally resorted to robbing to feed his mate. He had all vices including drinking intoxicants. One day he went to rob a Brahmin land-lord. When he packed off his loot and was coming the land-lord woke up and alerted everyone. He killed the Brahmin and easily escaped out.

By his cruel killing of a Brahmin, he became mad and was wandering all around kesavan's parents came to know this. A voice spoke to Padmanabhan, "Your son is given to all vices. He is not ony a thief a drunkard, a cheat but a murderer of a pious Brahmin. He is a total wreck".
Hearing tis strange voice, Padmanabhan felt sorry for what had happened. He went to the hermitage of sage Bharathwaja and asked him for a redemption for this son's wretchedness.

Sae Bharthwaja told him, "on the northern side of the Lords shrine in the Venkata Hills there is a lake known as Katakam. Bathing in it and worshipping the Lord at the Venkata Hills will redeem your son of this killing a Brahmin."
Following the good advise of the sage, Padmanabhan took his son Kesavan to the Hills and make him at the Kataka Thirtham. The Lord appeared to both of the them and redeemed their sins.