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Tirupati Balaji Temple history

The Story of Hathiram Bhavaji Part 1 Tirumala Tirupati

Once a Bengali Brahmin Saint came to the hills to worship Lord Sri Venkatesa. Later he decided to spend the rest of his life-time at the hills. He constructed a hermitage near the central shrine and lived there. His name was Svadesaji.  

The orthodox Sri Vaishnavietes did not like him basically because the pattern of Sevadasji's worship differed from that of the traditionists. Sevadasji was untutored in the Agama mode of worship and his mystical mode of worship was unknown to anyone. For this reason Sevadasji was a loner. He had none as his companion.  

The Lord felt he should at least visit Sevadasji and sometimes help him by way of a companionship.  

Sevadasji used to play the chess of an indigenous kind alone. One day the Lord wanted to participate in that game.  

One day the Lord appeared at the door-steps of Sevadasji and called him out. When he came out he saw the Graceful Lord at his door. He at once fell on the Lord's feet. The Lord said that he had come to play the game with him. After playing the Indian chess with his devotee, the Lord left for his shrine.