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Tirupati Balaji Temple history

The Story of Hathiram Bhavaji Part 2 Tirumala Tirupati

Every day from that day onwards Sevadasji had the rare Divine visitations. Day after day the developed a close intimacy with the Lord.  

Once night when Sevadasji was playing the game with the Lord. Someone tapped the door of Sevadasji's hermitage. When he went out to see who was there, the Lord left his pearl necklace in his hermitage and disappeared.  

Sevadasji returning back notice this shining object. He waited for the Lord to come back at least to take back the jewel. But time passed on.  

Sevadasji waited until the clear dawn. He though he should take the pearl ornament to the temple and return it to the Lord. The temple was opened for dawn worship. At the shire, the archakas as they went in noticed that the pearl ornament that adorned the Lord was missing.  

They at once brought to the attention of the Temple administrators. Everyone in the service of the Temple was suspected and a thorough search was immediately ordered.