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The Story of Hathiram Bhavaji Part 3 Tirumala Tirupati

At the hour of embezzlement, Sevadasji slowly entered the temple with the pearl ornament in his hand. Noticing the missing jewel in the hands of Sevadasji the temple attendants cried out, "Thief, Thief I catch him.


He is a cheat." Hearing this everyone turned to Sevadasji. They seized the jewel from him and beat him.


Meanwhile one of temple officers came in intervening he said, "Do not beat this saintly person. Let's hear from him what has happened. Then decide to punish him or not".


Then everyone stood aside, giving an opportunity for Sevadasji to defend himself. Sevadasji smugly righteous narrated his associations with the Lord in the past few months and how on one such occasion, the Lord felt his pearl necklace. He had come to the temple to return back the jewel only.


Peope wondered, "Who can believe this - that the Lord came to him for playing games with Sevadasji. He is too clever in telling tales."

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