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The Story of Hathiram Bhavaji Part 4 Tirumala Tirupati

However the temple authorities could not overrule the statements of Sevadasji. They wanted an indirect proof at least that the Lord regularly appears to him at night times.  

He was thrown inside a prison with a ton load of sugarcane and before the dawn, he should eat them all or else he will be hanged to death.  

Sevadasji was no scared by this condition, He was contemplating the Lord. He said to himself, "O Lord I have not stolen the jewel from the temple nor could I least thinks of it. You know this truth. If I should undergo punishment, let it be so done.  

Inside the prison he did not do anything but fell asleep. At midnight a white elephant somehow entered into the prison, ate away all the sugar - cane in no time and after emptying everything, awankened Sevadasji with its trunk.  

The Prison - keepers heard the noise from inside. They saw huge elephant. They at once reported this to the temple aunthorities. When the prison cell was opened before the temple officials, the elephant vanished, leaving clear evidence in favor of Sevadasji.