10 Mysterious Truths about Tirumala Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple Fact
10 Mysterious Truths about Tirumala Balaji Temple
know the mysterious fact about Tirumala Balaji Temple

Tirupati unknown Facts

know the mysterious fact about TiruPATI Balaji Temple

Flowers presented to Lord Tirupati Balaji comes out at Yerpedu close to Kalahasthi town

As per the etiquette rules, the shrine priests Flowers offered to Lord Balaji during morning Pooja’s are thrown into the waterfalls which brook behind the back side of the lord statue. The pujaris, be that as it may, abstain from taking a gander at the rear of the blessed divinity for the remainder of the day. Astonishingly, the disposed of blossoms can be seen at a spot known as Yerrpedu which lies 42 kilometres away from Tirumala and 21 km’s near to Tirupati.

The sculpture of Lord Balaji endures from robust chemical reactions

It is a scientifically known fact that when raw camphor, a subordinate of Cinnamomum camphor tree is applied on any stone, it prompts breaks tree is applied on any stone, The statue of Lord Tirupati Balaji, however, Resists the stormy chemical reactions of camphor, and tolerates no marks, even though it remains smeared with the substance utmost of the time.

Lord Venkateshwara / LORD Balaji Sweats

Lord Venkateshwara idol may be carved from massive stone, but it is completely infused with real life and much alive, If the statements are to be believed. The sculpture of the holy deity sustains a temperature of 110° Fahrenheit, despite the fact that the ecological factors are cool because of the lofty area of the temple is about Three Thousand feet above main sea level. Each day, after the wonderful shower known as Abhishekam, beads of sweat show up on the face and image of Lord Balaji, priest keep on wiping off with a silky fabric

Undisclosed of an unrevealed village

For the custom love of the religions housed in the Tirupati Balaji Temple, the flowers, milk, butter, butter milk, sacred basil leaves and so forth are obtained from an undisclosed town situated near 21 km’s from Tirupati. The little town has never been disclosed till now and not seen or visited by any unchallenged aside from its own kin.

Lord Balaji / Venkateshwara has Real hair

The hair worn by Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala Balaji Temple is sleek, soft, without tangle, and totally genuine.
The story behind those flawless locks goes this way – Lord Tirupati Balaji, during his system on earth, lost a portion of his hair in a startling mishap. A Gandharva noblewoman named Neela Devi proximately observed this incident, and cut a bit of her heavenly manner. She offered her sliced hair instantly to the god and requested to plant them on his head. On Satisfied with her dedication, the god accredited the benevolent contribution and definite that whoever visits his Temple and sacrifices their hair at his feet will be privileged. From that point onward, it has been a practise among pilgrims to shave their head off in the temple before or after their requests are fulfilled. .

Oceanic waves behind Lord Venkateshwara Sculpture

You might need to hear to agree to take, yet the unalterable truth is that the sound of gigantic ocean waves can be heard on the off chance that one puts her ear on the back of the holiness's Idol placed in the temple.

Never Ending lit lamps

The light of a Thoughtful devotee’s heart for the Divine never gets switched off, so does the earthen lights kept before the idol of the god in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Lord Venkateshwara Temple. There is no reliable evidence around when these lights were ignited and who lit them. All that is known is that they have been glowing since quite a while and will keep on doing as such.

Lord Venkateshwara had once appeared in physical

The statue of Lord Venkateshwara positioned may seem to be standing in the center of the sanctum sanctorum, but exactly, it is not so. The sculpture is really located in the rightward corner of the sanctum sanctorum in shrine.

Lord Venkateshwara had once appeared in physical

One-time in the past, in 19th century in India, the King of the range forced death punishment on 12 individuals for committing an awful wrongdoing. The twelve were hung by their necks until the death. Post passing, the body of the perishing crooks were left hanging on the walls of the shrine of Lord Tirupati Balaji. It was around then the spirituality himself disclosed up.

Cloudy Idol

The statue of Lord Venkateshwara for the mysterious reason, the back of the statue consistently remains damp, irrespective of the priests and temple employer’s working to keep it dry.